Did You Know?


We would like to keep our members well informed about how this club works and operates.  If you have any questions, please let us know and we will post your response so others may be informed as well.

Thank you!

Definition: Blind Bogie

Before the round begins players purchase a Blind Bogie Slip.  At the finish of their round the player records the number their gross score, minus their handicap which gives them their net score.  At the end of the tournament, the tournament chair randomly selects a Blind Bogie Slip, and players whose net scores match that number of the Slip drawn are the winners.  All money collected is split between the winners.

Blind Bogie Slips can be purchased for each tournament day.  Two drawings will take place at the end of the Club Championship.

Where does your Raffle Money go?

The Social Committee is in charge of all Stardust Ladies raffles.  After each raffle, $20 is given to the club president to hold.  This money is divided and given to Tom (our monitor), and Mike (our starter) as a Thank You at Christmas time.

All other money collected is deposited in the Stardust Ladies bank account.  This money is used to pay the expenses after each social event, and towards some of the raffle prizes.