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Welcome to the Stardust Ladies Golf Club Membership Page!


Stardust Ladies Golf Club is a group of Sun City West women that get together every Tuesday to enjoy a great round of golf. Stardust golf course is the most challenging of the 3 Sun City West executive golf courses.  If you are looking for a challenge and are willing to take 3 hours of your day instead of 5+, this could be the course for you.

We offer two groups of play – 18 Hole and 9 Hole – Pick whichever fits your schedule or needs!

In addition to our regular weekly play, we hold three tournaments and various social events throughout the fall, winter and spring.  We also sponsor occasional “couples golf” on Sundays.

General Membership Information

We offer 3 different types of memberships: competitive, non-competitive and social.


Competitive Membership $20

Being a competitive member you will pay an annual club dues of $10 plus $10 for your membership in the USGA Handicap System, a total of $20.  As a new member you are required to golf 5 rounds of 18 holes at Stardust Golf Course to establish your USGA handicap.  After establishing your handicap, you will be required to pay a $2 sweep charge each week you golf.  This goes towards weekly winnings/payouts for the leagues “game of the week.”  Your $20 Membership Fee allows you eligibility to play for “Aces of the Month,” “Club Champion,” “Most Improved Golfer,” and “Hole in One” recognition when achieved.  Rewards are also given for tournaments winners, ringers winners.  Birdie winners are also recognized.  Four “General Meetings” are held each year where awards are handed out, elections take place and food is consumed.  A great way to meet other members.


Non-Competitive Membership $10

Being a non-competitive member you will pay an annual club dues of $10.  As a new member you will not have to establish a handicap.  You can enjoying golfing with any of our club members.  No worry about your score, just have a great social game.  You would be eligible to participate in weekly “chip-in” competition, if you choose.  This would cost you $.25.  You are invited to attend all social events, general meetings, and tournaments.  You will not be eligible to receive awards such as “Ace of the Month,” “Club Champion,” Most Improved Golfer,” or tournament winnings.


Social Membership $10

Being a social member you will pay an annual club dues of $10.  There is no golfing as a social member.  You are invited to attend all social events, general meetings, and tournaments.


If you are interested in joining our great golf club, select which membership suits you best and print out a copy of our “Membership Form” by clicking on the “Membership Form” button below. Fill out the printed form and drop it in the designated drawer in the Stardust Golf Course clubhouse along with a check in the amount designated for your selected membership.  Forms are also available at Stardust Golf Course.


Thanks so much for choosing Stardust Ladies Golf Club as your home course!

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